Try my new app, Like Expert!

Hey all, I wanted to personally invite you all to try my new app Like Expert. It’s now available on TestFlight! Here's how it works.

  1. You upload two pictures

  2. Real people will vote on which picture they like better

  3. Get results and see which picture people like more!

Everything works with coins. So you start with 20 coins. To create an experiment, you need 10 coins which means 10 people will vote on it. You get 1 coin for every vote you cast on another person's pictures.

Some use cases for this are:

  • If you are a brand and have two logos you are choosing between

  • You have two pictures from a photoshoot and aren't sure which one to post

In the future, you'll be able to choose the demographics i.e get 30 votes from people aged 18-32 who are male. Super excited to get feedback so please comment here or email me

Here's the link to try it