Paid Newsletter Survey

Hey friend! Happy Saturday.

I’m thinking of launching a paid tier for my newsletter! I brainstormed some ideas today and I’m dying to know what you think about it. Would you mind taking this super short survey? Shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes:

Basically, here’s my overall vision for it. It’s no secret that I absolutely love being transparent and sharing what I’ve learned. Writing a post takes a ton of energy because I have to distill my thoughts into concrete, flowing paragraphs. I get a lot of follow up questions after I post these—what if you could just ask me directly? I want to open myself up to you even more. Based on that, these are my core ideas:

  • Weekly Zoom Town Halls - ask me questions about apps, business, or whatever you like in a group setting - 1hr/week

  • Early Article Access / Draft Review - access to articles before everyone else (1-3 days), see my brainstorming notes, read over my drafts and give me feedback

  • Slack / Discord Community - join a community of like-minded, profit-centric app developers including me, chat about all things apps

  • Fireside Chats - I bring some of my app friends on to talk behind closed doors (very transparent) about the app business, what they're learning, etc. (1-2 a month)

  • Transparency Chats - I'll show you exactly how my Facebook ads, Apple Search Ads, and whatever else you're interested in are set up. Join some of our internal team calls to hear how we discuss certain marketing metrics and plans (1-2 a month)

  • Office Hours - schedule time with me, 1-on-1 and talk about whatever you want - apps, life, paywalls, business, anything - probably 3-5 45 minute slots available per week

I think this could be absolutely awesome! Please take the survey :)